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Jay Jennings

Jay Jennings is a natural. He began playing trumpet in the small town of Grapevine, Texas at age 11, about the time in life when boys are typically handed their first wind instruments. Unlike most boys that age who select the trumpet as their instrument though, Jay was a professionally presentable trumpet player by age 15. Since those first few notes came jumping out of the horn with surprising ease, Jay has known that he is at his core and essence a trumpet player. After a celebrated high school career that included selection for the Texas All-State Jazz Ensemble and the High School Grammy Jazz Ensemble, he gravitated to the University of North Texas, whose instrumental music program is among the finest in the country. It was a prescient choice, as that is where he met up with many of the musicians with whom he formed his Grammy-winning group, Snarky Puppy.

Jay’s reputation as a flawless reader and profoundly lyrical soloist has led to supporting work with some of the world’s finest artists including Aretha Franklin, James Taylor, Billy Joel and many more. Jay is currently touring with country music star Toby Keith and is living in Brooklyn, NY. He continues to record and tour with the Grammy Award-winning Snarky Puppy.

Like his trumpet mates in Snarky Puppy, Mike Maher and Justin Stanton, Jay has selected Jo-Ral as his mute supplier of preference. With Jay’s legendary grace and sensitivity, intonation and precise response are critical. Jo-Ral supplies Jay with all of the color and consistency he needs to forget about the equipment and let the spirit of the music take over. Keep in touch online with what Jay is up to via @yayennings